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Archive 2009

22nd of December 2009 - Agreement Buma/Stemra with Youtube

Youtube has been licensed by Buma/Stemra to use movies with music on the video platform. This surprising agreement ensures composers and music publishers to be compensated if their music is used in a video.

The agreement will last for several years according to president Cees Vervoord of Buma/Stemra. Youtube pays a fixed amount.

As long as the agreement is in order, users can unlimitedly upload movie clips from Youtube to their website without having to fear a bill from the copyright organisation. Buma/Stemra makes no distinction between commercial and non-commercial use.

21st of December 2009 - Djen

Rock singer / songwriter Djen

DistributionLabel.com welcomes rock singer / songwriter Djen. Djen is the new rock talent from The Netherlands. She has recorded her album in collaboration with Anouk's band and she is ready to release and sell her album worldwide. Beautiful songs, good sound! Curious? Be patient, her album will be released soon via DistributionLabel.com.

12th of December 2009 - Jenny Beck

Jenny Beck's album "Collection" will be released in 2010.

Jenny Beck is a Swedish singer / songwriter who decided to move to England in 2001 to further her musical career. By writing her own music and lyrics she creates a very personal style and character. The album "Collection" is an excellent selection of her songs.

DistributionLabel will distribute and market this album in 2010.

6th of December 2009 - HBM "Rewind"

"Rewind" receives airplay on TMFPure and TMF

The formation HBM with the song "Rewind" can be watched on TMF Pure and has plays on TMF (part of MTV). The song was second in the Funx Xtips and has airplay on the Radio 538 program Juize.

3rd of December 2009 - Welcome Marc 4Productions

The label Marcel 4Productions has signed with DistributionLabel.com. Distributionlabel.com will arrange online distribution and marketing for this label and will focus on their band Get-Stas.

20th of November 2009 - Congratulations Raffles!

We are always happy if our staff is even more succesfull. We would like to congratulate Raffles van Excel. He became 50% owner of the Michael Jackson fan club.

external link Raffles on Dutch television

2nd of November 2009 - Nomination of BlackSoul

BlackSoul has been nominated for a State Award (101 barz BNN). Black Soul has recently released the track "Be Free" (ft. Big Boy Caprice) via DistributionLabel.com.

external link BlackSoul @ 101BARZ:

24th of October 2009 - Manic Mind

DistributionLabel.com will take care of the European distribution, marketing and publishing of the American band Manic Mind. Manic Mind is a rock band from the USA. The producer behind Manic Mind is Alex Greggs. Alex produced also for Shakira, Brandy, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and N-Synce.

28th of August 2009 - Anouk stuck with EMI!

Have you seen RTL Boulevard yesterday (on Dutch television)? Anouk told us that EMI wouldn't release her abroad.

Why isn't even clear for her. We know why: Anouk can only go abroad if EMI England (main office EMI) agrees. They will order every EMI division to release Anouk. But EMI England is busy with their own artists. There is no time and place for Anouk!

Double platinum artists can't grow beyond their own borders if they're signed exclusively by a local major. This is outrageous!!! Anouk herself said: I just have to do my time until the contract is finished. Anouk.. your new contract is ready and with DistributionLabel.com you can achieve worldwide fame!

NL/images/external link Anouk on RTL Boulevard