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Archive 2010

24th of August 2010 - Smiley in Bright Top 40!

DistributionLabel.com artist Smiley has conquered a place in the Bright Top 40 of Antillean-Dutch radio station Dolfijn FM with his ska song Lively Road.

The fast-rising reggae artist has drawn the attention of the reggae community due to his collaboration with the Jamaican reggae star Junior Kelly.

In May 2010 Smiley released his EP Lively Road, which was enthusiastically received by reggae blogs and communities throughout Europe. His shows at the Black Motocross festival and the German reggae festivals Reggaejam and Ruhr Reggae Summer have made a lasting impression on the audience.

Dolfijn FM has made Lively Road an Antillenhit, even tough reggae isn't part of their playlist. Lively Road has been listed in the charts for four weeks now and already reached no. 10.

15th of August 2010 - New site DistributionLabel.com live!

Our site underwent a major redesign.
Please let us know what you think using our feedback form.

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17th of May 2010 - Sixpack - What's in a Song? photo report

SIXPACK - What's in a Song?
Album can be bought at webshops worldwide.

The 10th Unsigned edition was presented on the 12th of May in a packed TrouwAmsterdam (club / restaurant in Amsterdam). Six new, talented unsigned acts have contributed to the album "Sixpack - What's in a Song?": Avant La Lettre, Feed the Rabbit, Mattanja Joy Bradley, Novack, Saelors and Secret Umbrella.

Stacey Rookhuizen, juror on the Dutch X-factor and talent scout, presented the evening.

external link Check out the photo report at Music Centre The Netherlands

external link buy album "What's in a Song?" @ 7digital

15th of April 2010 - Distribution of videos to iTunes

As of today, DistributionLabel.com is the only Dutch independent able to distribute and sell video clips via iTunes. Price indication is between $ 1.50 and $ 1.99 (depending on the product). Countries that sell video clips via iTunes are a.o. US, Japan, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia.

external link Example of video in iTunes store

12th of April 2010 - Release H. Vice ft. Shifty (lead singer of Crazy Town)

Shifty, lead singer of the popular American band Crazy Town

Marketing of H. Vice will be arranged by DistributionLabel.com. His new single is a featuring with Shifty, lead singer of the popular American band Crazy Town. The band scored a no. 1 hit with "Butterfly" in several countries and in the USA Billboard Hot 100.

The single of H. Vice ft Shifty titled "1 + 1 = Love" will be released under the label Island Def Jam.

8th of April 2010 - Upcoming tracks

The tracks "I don't wanna" (HBM) and "V.R.O.O.M." (Nash Murda) are added to the TMF playlist. These hits are also played on FunX and of course international available at all major webshops.

external link Youtube: HBM - I don't wanna

external link Youtube: Nash Murda - Zogenaam V.R.O.O.M.

24th of March - Distribution to iTunes Mexico and Myspace

iTunes has opened a web store in Mexico: iTunes Mexico! For all future acts, as well as for all signed acts, DistributionLabel will provide distribution to iTunes Mexico!. This strengthens the international sales position of our artists. As of today DistributionLabel.com also handles the distribution to MySpace.com

19th of March 2010 - DistributionLabel.com joins forces with MCN (Music Center The Netherlands)

DistributionLabel.com joins forces with MCN

The Unsigned-project of MCN (formerly known as National Pop Institute) boosts the carreers of upcoming talent. Promising talent without record deal is scouted on a yearly basis. The artists are offered an opportunity to professionally record two tracks. For many artists, among others Racoon, Raymtzer, Pete Philly, Opgezwolle, Gem, Voicst, zZz, Giovanca, Sabrina Starke, King Jack and Lavalu, Unsinged was an important step towards a record deal.

For the 10th edition of Unsigned the following talents are selected: Avant La Lettre, Saelors, Audiofeel, Mattanja Joy Bradley, Feed The Rabbit and Secret Umbrella. Under the leadership of JB Meijers (from a.o. the band "De Dijk") and Dennis van Leeuwen (Kane), each will record two tracks. The 10th Unsigned-album will be released mid-May. DistributionLabel.com will ensure worldwide online distribution and marketing for the Unsigned project.

Both parties are content with the deal and are looking forward to a prosperous collaboration.

2nd of March 2010 - Double Platinum for RoleModelsFromHell

A&R manager Marvin Kuijs and RoleModelsFromHell with double platinum award.

19-year-old Sjors from The Netherlands, better known as RoleModelsFromHell (RMFH), has received a double platinum award for his worldwide internet hit "Speak Up!". This track was downloaded 2 million times via the site Soundclick.com and is a precursor to his album "Fat Beats And Base Lines" which will be released by DistributionLabel.com. As of March the 22nd the album is available in all web shops worldwide.

RMFH made remixes for a.o. Paul Oakenfold, DJ Quicksilver, Usher, Mauro Picotto, Lil' Wayne, The Prodigy, Keane and John Legend. The expected release of "Fat Beats And Base Lines" made the Myspace of RMFH explode and last Wednesday the visitor rate climaxed to an astonishing 20.000 visitors per day.

external link Visit the myspace of RoleModelsFromHell

22nd of February 2010 - New release Lil' Wayne signed at DistributionLabel.com

Popular and world-famous rapper Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne's track "How far will you go" will be released on March the 19th by DistributionLabel.com.

The popular and world-famous rapper has collaborated with USA singer / songwriter Odain. Odain will release his solo album later this year.

DistributionLabel.com was chosen due to their fitting innovative marketing methods and distribution coverage.

10th of February 2010 - Album RoleModelsFromHell expected!

Album "Fat Beats and Baselines" will be available in all major webshops on March the 22nd.

The DJ with over 3 million Myspace visitors and over 1.8 million download on his name, will release his new album "Fat Beats and Baselines" on March the 22nd. DistributionLabel ensures the worldwide marketing and distribution. Fans from all over the world have been waiting for this release. From now on tracks are only partly available on his Myspace: short fragments will give an impression of this great album.

external link Myspace of RoleModelsFromHells

21st of January 2010 - Major growth digital music industry

DistributionLabel.com: online music distribution and marketing

The digital music industry is booming business. Global digital music trade revenues reached US$4.2 billion in 2009. This is 12% up from 2008. More than a quarter (27%) of all recorded music industry revenues worldwide are now coming from digital channels, as music companies license music in partnership with ISPs and mobile operators, subscription services, streaming sites and hundreds of download stores.

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) announced this last Thursday.

19th of January 2010 - English remake Dutch entry Eurovision Song Contest (Sha la li)

English version of the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest entry: Sha la li

Faeke ten Caat has recorded an English version of the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest entry, titled "Sha la li". Important Dutch media (a.o. 3FM, Radio 538, BNN, NOS, NRC Next, Telegraaf and Editie NL) have noticed this successful cover. The single reached over 100.000 Youtube hits in 3 days.

DistributionLabel ensured the product release within 24 hours. The single can be purchased in all major downloadshops in The Netherlands (Radio 538 shop, legaldownload, musicstore) and on iTunes.

7th of January 2010 - New video site VEVO

VEVO: new online music video website

VEVO is a new online music video website and is founded by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI and Abu Dhabi Media Company. The site was launched on the 6th of December, 2009. For now the site is only showing content of Universal Music. The main reason behind VEVO's launch is the competition of the other videos on YouTube.

DistributionLabel.com will be the only Dutch independent to place videos on VEVO. VEVO is not available yet in The Netherlands (only in the USA, Canada and Japan).