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Distribution only is not enough: the web is flooded with "acts" that place their productions unthinkingly and without expertise on iTunes. It is difficult to draw attention to your productions.

DistributionLabel.com has established a variety of innovative marketing tools to attract the consumers attention to your music productions and to expand your fanbase. Our marketing tools make sure your release stands out from the mass.

Online marketing

iPlugging (radio promotion)

iPluggers is the first digital system which 'pluggs' and delivers music to radio stations worldwide. We have charted radio stations worldwide and can offer a release to more than 30.000 radio stations. These are FM, AM, satellite and internet stations worldwide. Radio stations receive releases matching their playlist genres. internal link Visit iPluggers.com for more information.

Radio promotion is a very effective marketing tool:

  • Many of these stations, specifically internet and digital radio stations, aim for a specific music genre.
  • These stations are easily accessible for upcoming artists.
  • These stations have many long-standing listeners who choose for one specific music genre.
  • The target audience is reached on a worldwide scale and they can purchase the product online right away!

Radio promotion ensures extra exposureDefinition: draw attention to and brand awareness.


For our marketing activities (excl. radio plugging) we charge 30% over the net* sales.

Overview radio plugging costs for connected artists & labels
Plugging of single (up to 2 tracks incl. 1 remix / instrumental version)€ 199
Plugging of EP (up to 8 tracks)€ 299
Plugging of album (up to 15 tracks)€ 399
* Net: the amount that remains after deduction of the shop fee and mechanical rights.

Revenue distribution and marketing

Example revenue album sale on webshop iTunes
Selling price album$ 9.90
− iTunes fee
− mechanical rights**
− DL fee 15% (distribution fee)
− DL fee 30% (marketing fee)
Net revenue$ 4.20
** Webshops are obligated to transfer mechanical rights to organizations such as Ascap, Gema and Buma/Stemra. This is an average of 10ct. per song. This amount is remitted by music rights organizations in your country to the eligible personDefinition: composer, author or owner of a music production.