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DistributionLabel.com ensures online music distribution to webshops and streaming servicesDefinition: offering streaming via a digital platform on payment. such as spotify.com. The artist receives a commission per play worldwide.

Download list of connected webshops and streaming services

Online webshops

We have access to approximately 500 webshops.

This doesn't imply that your release will be accepted and sold in all webshops:

  • Some webshops only sell a specific genre.
  • Some webshops review releases and make a selection.

Webshops such as iTunes, Amazon, 7digital and Napster always accept our content.

Streaming services

Tracks and videos will be offered for streamingDefinition: technology used to send digital audio and videofiles over the internet. It isn't necessary to fully download the media file; this enables the consumer to play the file almost instantly. Among others Youtube uses online streaming at:

  • Alcas: provides music in most cafés and restaurants in The Netherlands;
  • VME: broadcasts videos in cafés, clubs, venue centres, shopping outlets, golf tracks, canteens, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and fitness- and sport centres in The Netherlands, United States, Germany, France, Ireland, Roemenia, Spain and Switzerland.
  • King TV: shows music videos in all BurgerKing establishments worldwide
  • Spotify.com: the consumer can listen to music online and compile their own playlists up to 24 hours ahead
  • UPC ondemand: videos are made available for every consumer with a digital television subscription of UPC. The viewer can watch videos on demand every moment of the day
  • Xite: a digital video channel comparable to the former channel "The Box". Videos can be requested. Xite is in the basic package of UPC. This package has 700.000 subscribers and an average potential reach of more than 2.5 million Netherlanders
  • iTunes: makes videos available for the iPod


For our services (administration and distribution) we calculate distribution costs and a fee of 15% of the net* profit.

Overview distribution costs
Distribution of single, EP or album€ 99
Distribution of double album€ 110
Distribution of triple album€ 120
Distribution of video or DVD€ 99
Barcode€ 15
* Net: the amount that remains after deduction of the shop fee and mechanical rights.

Revenue distribution only

Example revenue album sale on webshop iTunes
Selling price album$ 9.90
− iTunes fee
− mechanical rights**
− DL fee 15%
Net revenue$ 6.00
** Webshops are obligated to transfer mechanical rights to organizations such as Ascap, Gema and Buma/Stemra. This is an average of 10ct. per song. This amount is remitted by music rights organizations in your country to the eligible personDefinition: composer, author or owner of a music production.